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Police Dog Subway Criminals


Subway train stations are always crowded with tourists and the people travelling on trains from different locations. Crime takes place at such places and you have been appointed to secure the subway station from criminals, thugs, robbers and thieves. Trained as a professional police dog to sniff around, catch criminals and rescue civilians. People might try to sneak in with their illegal cargo, weapons or other items. Stay alert and be the best German shepherd for your police official squad. K9 dogs are used to hunt down criminals and chase robbers to rescue the city from crime activities. Those who love German shepherd police dog will love playing this dog simulation in a whole new environment of subway train station with train arrivals and departures. Police Dog Subway Criminals is a crime city game where you chase criminals and control crime in the town. The security of tourist and other civilians is in your hands now. Check travellers and tourism groups on arrivals and departures. Jump into the trains and find suspicious items. Playing as police dog is interesting when you sniff around, chase criminals and pounce on them. Secure the city and the subway station with high security. Help your partner police cop to catch criminals and control crime. Don’t let any gangster sneak in with weapons or illegal items. The thrill gets even better when criminals run for their life and you as a police dog chase them and catch them. Fulfil your duty and assist your partner police cop to identify and catch criminals.
One of the passengers has reported 911 about a bomb inside the subway train. Accompany bomb disposal squad to find and diffuse the bomb. Beware of the criminal’s eye while on the mission to save the hostages from his custody. You have to play smart and clever to rescue all the tourists and passengers in trouble. You will find full thrilling and entertaining missions while proceeding to the next level. Play this small yet addictive game for half an hour and recommend it to your friend.
• Police Dog Chasing Criminals• Subway Crime Scenes with Various Missions• Sniff, Identify and Chase robbers• Assist Police Officials squad to catch thugs and stop street crimes.• New Concept for the lovers of Police dog Games
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